I respectfully disagree with the Nov. 16 editorial “More Romney contempt” because I think Bill O’Reilly was right. I and all the people who voted for President Obama do want “stuff.”

We want stuff like respect, tolerance and truth, and we want to help those who need help regardless of their race and status. We want to be treated as intelligent people. We want everyone to respect everyone else’s rights regarding their bodies and their choices. These are human values that make us who we are.

But Mitt Romney and Mr. O’Reilly have missed the other side of the equation because I also want to pay for this “stuff.” I want to pay my fair share of taxes because I also want roads, I want police and firefighters, and I want good schools. But even more important, I am willing to pay for them with my vote, with my work and with my commitment to leaders who respect me, who do not treat me with contempt and who tell me the truth.

Lillian Pubillones Nolan, Potomac


Mitt Romney’s remarks attributing his defeat to the incumbent’s “gifts” to certain demographic groups were right on the mark. When you give a child some candy, he likes you. When you give that child more candy, he loves you. It is as simple as that.

Nancy Switzer, Columbia


I own a small business. If I took out an ad suggesting that the people who chose one of my competitors over me did so only because they had been bribed or because they were too poorly informed, I doubt I would last another month. By insulting the half of the electorate that voted for President Obama, Mitt Romney has damaged the Republican brand.

Bill Hildebrand, Sunnyvale, Calif.


Mitt Romney’s comments about the president’s gift-giving confirmed for me that Mr. Romney truly believes 47 percent of Americans are worthless takers who live off the public largess. For Mr. Romney to think that President Obama bought off students with tuition-loan forgiveness or young adults with “free contraceptives” or Latinos with health care is just another way of his saying that 47 percent of Americans are addicted to federal swag. He has made clear once again that he does not understand middle-class Americans.

Rochelle Dornatt, Washington

The writer is chief of staff to Rep. Sam Farr (D-Calif.).