Regarding Melinda Henneberger’s July 13 She the People column “In a chorus of boos at NAACP speech, Romney got just what he came for”:

This is just the latest example of the lose-lose-lose situation that Mitt Romney faces with the media. Mr. Romney spoke at the NAACP convention and reiterated the positions he has stated in numerous other appearances. He was booed and accused of insensitivity.

Had Mr. Romney not accepted the opportunity to speak, he would have been excoriated for a lack of sensitivity to minorities’ needs. Had he given a speech that would have been more palatable to the audience, at the expense of his positions, he would have been accused of pandering.

Had Mr. Romney walked across the Gulf of Mexico before entering the NAACP convention, his critics would have declared that “Mitt Romney can’t swim.”

Greg Grapsas, Olney