Anne Cross, a Democrat, shows candidate mailings she has received at her Kensington home in advance of the primary races. (Jennifer Barrios/The Washington Post)

Regarding the June 21 Metro article “In Montgomery County, voters face a deluge of campaign literature mailings”:

Montgomery County has a plethora of qualified candidates in this year’s Democratic primaries, which is encouraging for our democracy. But, notwithstanding The Post’s helpful endorsements, the numerous mailings and other ads that residents have received have made it challenging to pick one candidate for each office. This increases the likelihood of “wasting” a vote on a candidate who has little chance of winning in contrast with a two-person race.

Other jurisdictions have crafted responses to this by using vote ranking or having runoff elections if the initial primary winner does not secure a majority vote. Neither option exists here. It is too late for this year’s primaries, but one way to enable voters to maximize the value of their votes is to have polling results available from The Post (or other neutral, reliable sources), as The Post did for the gubernatorial race [“Among Md. Democrats, a struggle for traction,” front page, May 29]. This should also be done for other races, particularly ones in which incumbents cannot run for reelection because of term limits.

Edward Grossman, Bethesda