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Opinion Montgomery County needs ranked-choice voting, just for starters

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Regarding the Dec. 19 Metro article “County mulls ‘ranked-choice’ voting”:

Should the Maryland General Assembly allow Montgomery County to look at methods to help voters make decisions when 33 candidates are running for four positions on the County Council, as was the case in the 2018 Democratic primary?

All we are asking is to start the conversation. Enabling legislation is the first step. Many questions raised by legislators and concerned citizens can be answered best through intentional listening sessions and study once we have the ability to enact voting reforms such as ranked-choice voting.

If a method such as ranked-choice is found to better reflect the will of the people, I’m all for it. But the conversation can’t take place without the enabling legislation. It should pass in the upcoming session of the General Assembly.

Lynn Olson, Silver Spring

The writer is a vice president of the Woman’s Democratic Club of Montgomery County.