((by Jacques Prins, Kevin Battarbee, Egidijus Kasakaitis/Inbo Rotterdam))

In our proposal, we retain the singular, uncluttered identity of the Washington Monument as the central fixture of the Mall. And we reinforce the circle as the symbol of the United States as one nation.

Curves on the east and west sides of the monument mound open generous entrances to a new central space. To add a layer of history to the visitor experience, we reveal the now-hidden foundations of the monument. A citation from George Washington’s farewell address on the perimeter wall surrounding the foot of the monument proclaims the importance of the union between the states.

The new, circular central hall serves primarily as an entrance facility and visitors’ center. Around this hall is a museum space housing a permanent exhibition emphasizing two themes: George Washington’s life and legacy, and the history of the Mall and the monument. The main design feature in the hall and museum is the interplay of direct and indirect light — direct in the hall, indirect in the museum spaces.

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