Can someone explain to me why the July 7 Travel section devoted part of the front page and a half-page inside to an article, on dumpster diving, that had absolutely no travel information [“Trash talkin’: Oh, the secrets you learn from a dumpster dive at a Del. Beach rental ”]? At first I thought the headline was just a hook to get us to read the article. At some point, I assumed, it would provide some information on the beach town, where to stay, where to eat, etc. — any of the basic information one would expect from a travel article. Instead, the writer only itemized and commented on what he found in the many trash bags left behind by previous renters.

This is not the first time that the Travel section has wasted space on an offbeat article that contained little actual travel information, but this piece went way beyond that. In the future, please reserve the Travel section for essays and useful information about travel.

Patricia Freedman, Rockville