Bravo to Kathleen Parker [“Things better left unsaid,” op-ed, Dec. 26] for identifying spoken annoyances that have snaked their way into modern parlance. A few additions:

No Worries. This Australian import has supplanted “Thank you” by the cashiers at the local Wawa.

Really. The drawn-out version of this word, that is — often juxtaposed with an inflected phantom middle syllable to connote disbelief. I have been guilty of using it myself, to rebut my 15-year-old daughter’s explanation that she was holding the beer bottle to her forehead merely to cool herself and never actually took a sip.

It is what it is. Needlessly establishing that the status quo is, in fact, the status quo, it affirms that the status quo is worthy of emphasis. It isn’t.

Rick Rosenfeld, Bethesda