As a Democrat and a Jew, I support our president’s domestic agenda but am disappointed by his foreign policy, especially on Israel. Harold Meyerson’s Feb. 19 op-ed column, “What Netanhayu doesn’t see,” did not represent my views.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going before Congress because he is responsible for Israel’s security and has no faith that President Obama can dissuade Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Jews learned from the Holocaust to take fanatics at their word. Iran wants to destroy Israel. Mr. Netanyahu is making a Hail-Mary pass, an act of desperation, to sound the alarm to Congress, the American people, the Jewish community and world leaders.

Iran is an existential threat that cannot be ignored or trusted. Mr. Obama’s dealings with Russia, Iran (a sponsor of terrorism in neighboring countries), the Islamic State and Syria show that his words aren’t matched by action. Mr. Netanyahu saw Mr. Obama’s failure to act when Syria crossed the “red line” and used chemical weapons. Mr. Obama has not given arms or tangible support to the Kurds fighting the Islamic State and has not helped the moderates in Syria.

Mr. Netanyahu decided it’s worth angering Mr. Obama to sound the alarm. Is he right? Time will tell. 

Robert F. Tropp, Silver Spring