Regarding Dana Milbank’s March 4 Washington Sketch column, “Obama, the feckless tyrant”:

Mr. Milbank may consider this an inconsistent criticism, but we do want a president who is tough on foreign policy and more conciliatory on domestic issues. We want a president who uses his considerable executive powers to act decisively on foreign matters rather than bypass the will of an equal and duly elected branch of government. We want a president who understands that it is his domestic opponents, not the fraternity of foreign leaders, who have the interests of the American people at heart. We want a president who spends hours on the phone negotiating with the House speaker and who refuses to negotiate with petty foreign tyrants, not the other way around.  

Bill Riley, Ashburn

Dana Milbank accused the right of portraying President Obama as a “king” or a “monarch” with regard to his domestic policy and as a weak leader in foreign policy. Mr. Milbank suggested that Republicans can’t have it both ways, but I believe both are true: Obama is learning that a pen and a phone may work domestically, but it won’t cut it in foreign policy.

Jerry Mader, Damascus