In his PostPartisan blog post “Rich is rich, and he is” [op-ed, April 5], Richard Cohen showed how President Obama’s voluntary 5 percent cut in pay — the president’s way of sharing the sacrifice of public servants due to sequestration — will affect his income. While it’s true a 5 percent pay cut at the president’s salary doesn’t have the same impact as a 5 percent pay cut for someone making a lot less, a bigger point was missed: Many of us in public service have been told to expect a 15 to 20 percent cut in pay. Given the option, I, and many other public servants, would love to be able to “share the sacrifice” at the president’s 5 percent level.

Rick Sandelli, Alexandria

Several Cabinet members have followed the president’s lead and are giving up a portion of their pay as a gesture of solidarity with federal workers who are being furloughed because of sequestration. This gesture would be far more meaningful to those workers if, instead of returning the funds to the Treasury, Cabinet officials were to donate them to the Federal Employees Education and Assistance Fund. The fund makes low-interest loans and emergency grants available to federal employees and will be a critical source of support to furloughed workers.

Carol A. Bonosaro, Washington

The writer is president of the Senior Executives Association.