I recognize the free speech issue in limiting performers outside Metro stations [“Let the music play,” editorial, Aug. 24]. But if you lived near a station and had to listen to bad, amplified music late into the night, you’d question, as I do, whose rights are key — mine to get a peaceful night’s sleep or the performer’s to enjoy free speech. I’ve been tempted some days to leave my apartment and offer the Jimi Hendrix or Wynton Marsalis wannabes $20 to leave.

Carol Blum, Washington

With our world in disarray, we should welcome music in the Metro to lift our spirits and distract us momentarily from the vicissitudes of life, as well as the opportunity to show our appreciation by tossing a bit of change to the musician who, at least, has the fortitude to work. Nobody is getting hurt, no one is in danger, and there is no need to regulate or license such activity. I love music in the Metro and agree that Metro should lighten up on this subject.

Marillyn Suzuki, Bowie