Regarding Robert McCartney’s July 22 Metro column “Look at what slipped out of Pepco’s mouthpiece”:

I have belonged to the Washington metropolitan community for most of my life. I was born in Washington and raised on the 1200 block of Underwood Street NW. For 15 years, I lived in Montgomery County. Today, I live in Prince George’s County, and I am a Pepco customer as well as an executive with the company.

For years as part of my job, I have raised and authorized hundreds of thousands of dollars for organizations such as InterfaithWorks, United Communities Against Poverty, the Greater Washington Urban League and the American Heart Association. I work 60 to 70 hours a week supporting community initiatives and trying to improve Pepco’s service to better meet the expectations of my customers, neighbors and friends.

Last week at a public hearing, I made a mistake and accidentally said the opposite of what I meant. After weeks of working extended hours, I read my notes wrong. That misstatement — which I corrected and apologized for once I realized what I had said — in no way reflects my feelings or my service or that of the company I represent.

Our work and my lifelong love for the greater D.C. area do not align with that momentary lapse. Pepco’s years-long and multimillion-dollar planned investments to improve reliability and its tradition of community involvement also show that the company values its customers and communities.

Critics can say many things about the company and about me, but to question our care and concern for our customers is simply unfair. This is my home, these are my people, and they are — and will remain — my utmost professional priority.

Thomas H. Graham, Washington

The writer is regional president of Pepco.