Regarding the July 8 Metro Digest item “Motorcyclist dies after swerving to avoid car”:

My wife and I, both physicians, stopped at the scene of this crash shortly after it occurred. Those who arrived before us were already responding to the emergency as best as possible: A man was performing CPR on the motorcycle driver (later identified as Jonathan M. Thompson), and a woman was applying pressure to his deep facial wound. Another woman was trying to comfort the passenger, who was injured but responsive. Someone had called 911, and a man was directing traffic. Humanity at it best — members of our community trying to help two strangers.

Once the emergency responders arrived, we began to leave, but a woman stopped us to ask if the driver was going to make it. I told her he was dead. “I witnessed it,” she said. “A car cut them off, and they lost control on the shoulder.” Another face of humanity in our area — a culture of aggressive driving that recently earned us recognition as among the worst drivers in the United States and apparently cost Mr. Thompson his life. Slow down.

Thomas R. O'Brien, Potomac

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