The June 24 Outlook commentary “Does the NAACP think it’s okay to hit your kids?” fundamentally misunderstood our position on the arrest this month of Atlanta pastor Creflo Dollar on child battery charges.

For years, we have been investigating the way in which Fayette County, Ga., authorities have handled incidents of violence in the home. Children in this county, where Pastor Dollar and his family live, are removed from their parents’ homes at more than five times the national rate. Over the years, our members have met with state and local authorities in an effort to improve the guidelines that first-responders use in cases of domestic abuse — guidelines we believe were ignored in Pastor Dollar’s case.

We and the NAACP’s Fayette County branch did raise concerns about the arrest of Pastor Dollar for the above reasons, yet we understand that local police and state authorities have not completed their investigation of the incident.

Our long-stated goal is to protect children by making sure that parents get the resources they need to break cycles of abuse. To imply otherwise is a misrepresentation.

Edward O. DuBose, Atlanta

The writer is president of the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP.