The Olympics provide many of us with an opportunity and an excuse to follow sporting events that are unfamiliar to us, and to cheer for athletes that we may never have heard of before. For this reason, my eye was drawn to the happy photo onolymthe front page of your August 7 edition. I saw players celebrating a United States semifinal win over Canada in women’s . . . what?

Yes, there were hints. The final score, 4-3, pretty much ruled out basketball or volleyball. Water polo? No, the uniforms were clearly wrong. Field hockey? Well, who knows; I’ve never watched field hockey.

Further scrutiny yielded a clue, a reference to “last year’s Women’s World Cup final.” I should probably know what that is, right?

My guess — soccer — was confirmed by flipping to page D1 to read the accompanying article.

Why did I have to work so hard for such basic information?

Linda Del Bene, Arlington