Regarding the Aug. 10 editorial “Left in the dark”:

NASA’s estimation that there is a 12 percent chance of a major coronal mass ejection within the next decade should ring alarm bells. Should it strike Earth, it is lights out and back to the 1800s for us. Hardening the power grid makes sense, but currently there is no advantage in blaming someone else for it, so we will probably slumber on.

Afterward there will be plenty of blame to go around but no Internet, newspapers, television or talk shows to carry the message. Water will stop pumping and medicines such as insulin will become useless without refrigeration. Many will die. NASA should be able to know a day or two before the effects are suffered on Earth, but it’s unclear whether we’ll get a warning so people might take some steps to prepare.

Will our epitaph be: “Science provided an advance look at something dangerous, but it was beyond politics so nothing was done”?

Ken Hoagland, Arlington