Sadly, the March 30 Sunday Arts article “Museums at square one” left out one museum we really need: the Museum of American Shame. What we have on the Mall is mostly celebration, which distorts history.

U.S. history is replete with slavery, genocide and massive discrimination against most any group you can think of except white Anglo-Saxon males — not to mention wars of conquest (see Mexico and the Philippines). As we try to outgrow that history, it would be a disaster to simply forget it entirely.

As for a location: All the buildings between Independence and Constitution avenues are memorials or museums — except one. The Agriculture Department’s building should be repurposed. There is no sense in wasting such sacred space on bureaucrats.

Yes, there is one shame museum close to the Mall: the Holocaust Museum. But that is a European story. The United States saw massive discrimination against Jews but not genocide.

Dan Gamber, Washington