In the July 23 news article “ New federally funded clinics are promoting abstinence,” Obria Group chief executive Kathleen Eaton Bravo claimed that many women “want the opportunity to visit a professional, comprehensive health care facility — not an abortion clinic — for their health care needs. Obria gives women that choice.”

In reality, the Trump administration has awarded funding for the Title X family planning program, created specifically to equalize access to contraception, to an organization that explicitly opposes Food and Drug Administration-approved contraception. Obria has misleadingly rebranded itself as “the fresh new face of comprehensive care.” Patients who believe they will receive counseling and contraceptive care that meets their health needs may instead be coerced into care they don’t actually want, such as abstinence and the rhythm method. By funding Obria, the administration has exposed its endgame: to control the health care people can receive by drastically limiting their reproductive and sexual health care choices. Funding for organizations such as Obria is a dangerous departure from what defines the Title X program. Obria offers only limited information and services that do not meet the national standards and are not health care. It’s coercive. And it’s tragic that this might now become some patients’ only choice. 

Clare Coleman, Washington

The writer is president and chief executive
of the National Family Planning
& Reproductive Health Association.