As usual, members of the media and many politicians are turning into a mountain what most of us, if we knew all the facts, would probably consider a molehill, regarding the frenzy over the Secret Service’s Colombia saga [“Lieberman calls for wider inquiry into Secret Service scandal,” news article, April 23].

My guess is that if we knew those facts, we would all say, “Where’s the beef?” That aside, let us not be misled by the extremely high standards that the dedicated and capable men and women of the Secret Service are expected to live up to, standards that most of us would fail (I know I would), and these high standards are probably the real reason for the swift action by Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan.

Instead of casting stones at these courageous men and women, let’s thank all of them for their service and let Mr. Sullivan do what he has to do. I, frankly, do not care what those brave agents do in their private time, as long as they are not hurting anyone, violating laws or shirking their essential duties, which I have yet to see any evidence of.

Ed Mulrenin, Washington


I strongly object to Petula Dvorak’s April 20 front-page column, “The sheepish slink of the civil servant.” Ms. Dvorak wrote, “It’s an awful week to be a federal worker.” What nonsense. Federal workers as a group have no reason to be embarrassed by the irresponsibility of a few Secret Service and General Services Administration employees.

Calvin B. Baldwin Jr., Garrett Park