Regarding the Feb. 17 Education Digest item “Schools could seek waivers for snow days”:

This business of school systems counting instructional days should be a thing of the past. Many people now regularly telecommute to their jobs, especially in inclement weather. Perhaps area school systems should consider something similar for students.

Educators could prepare a significant and distinct unit of instruction that students could keep at home with the express purpose of being able to continue their education on days when the schools close because of snow or other emergencies. The completed work could be handed in later in the year, and the grade received would be as much a part of the overall course grade as other work done by students. Teachers would determine what work would be appropriate for such an instructional unit. It obviously would depend on the ages, abilities and at-home equipment (such as computers and Internet access) of the students.

Making up snow days at the end of the school year or during vacation periods or weekends is impossible, given vacation plans, job schedules, etc., for teachers and students, and it imposes an unreasonable burden on everyone. Why not join the 21st century instead?

Chris Breedlove, Rockville