The otherwise informative Dec. 8 Metro article “In Arlington, middle school expansion spurs debate” did not mention the possible demolition of the historic Wilson School between Rosslyn and the county courthouse.

The Wilson School, built in 1910, is one of the few historic public buildings left in Arlington and the only one in that large section of the county. It was visited many times by President Woodrow Wilson in his Pierce-Arrow as he chatted with the students, and it was named after him in the 1920s.

In all the official meetings conducted by the Arlington School Board on middle school options this year, the impact on the Wilson School building was never deemed worthy of discussion, and the county board, in its charge to the working group on the Wilson School site (to which I was appointed), echoed the school board by not permitting any substantive discussion on its historic preservation. Thus, the concerned community has been silenced on a critical issue that calls for public debate and input.

What has happened to the highly touted “Arlington way”?

Stanley G. Karson, Arlington

The writer is president of the Radnor/Fort Myer Heights Civic Association.