The Beatles at their first U.S. concert, at the Washington Coliseum on Feb. 11, 1964. (Mike Mitchell/Associated Press)

Regarding Alan Rosenthal’s May 27 Free for All letter, “Still bigger than Jesus ”:

Let’s not support the claim that the Beatles were the most influential rock group in history with opinion or reference to those who cite their influence. Let’s simply assert that based on worldwide sales, there has never been — and indeed based on the condition of the recording industry there will never be — a more widespread influence by any person, performer or composer of any kind ever. 

While certified sales in the United States may always have the Beatles at the top of the list, worldwide estimates of all albums, singles, downloads, etc., put total numbers at more than two and a quarter billion  — that’s billion. We do not need to look at SiriusXM’s new all-Beatles channel (or that last year’s “Live at the Hollywood Bowl” was their 32nd top-10 album ) to remind everyone of their living and ongoing presence in the musical life of the world, and as Washingtonians we must always be proud of our place on that February day in 1964 when we introduced the Fab Four to America.

Robert Aubry Davis, Washington