Glacier National Park in Montana. (Beth J. Harpaz/AP)

Indur Goklany’s comments on glaciers, as reported in the March 9 PowerPost article “Trump official: Scientists ‘beyond their wheelhouse’ with views on glaciers,” were  surreal. The science and technology policy analyst suggested it may be good for Montana’s economy when Glacier National Park’s iconic glaciers are gone. Why? Warmer temperatures may mean tourist season will expand and hiking will replace glacier-viewing. Mr. Goklany took a real problem (warming) and found an imaginary solution (tourism) for a problem (loss of tourism) that didn’t exist until humanity caused warming and the loss of glaciers. Ridiculous.

I have family living near the park. They see that warming causes fire season to expand. Tourists don’t like fires and smoke. They can’t bike, hike or canoe during fire season because smoky air is unpleasant, and carcinogenic particulate levels become dangerously high. Mr. Goklany’s nonscientific, pseudo- ­economic solution is camouflage for his nonscientific misinformation about human-caused climate change’s seriousness. Glaciers aren’t only about tourism. Glaciers store water and provide water later.

Judy Weiss, Brookline, Mass.