North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, at an undisclosed location in North Korea.

We have a very serious problem that was highlighted in the Dec. 27 front-page article "N. Korea's leader has had a very good year." The problem: The United States has adopted an untenable position by insisting on the elimination of North Korea's nuclear arsenal. Short of a preemptive nuclear strike, Kim Jong Un's nuclear arsenal will not be eliminated.

We know that North Korea would never initiate a first strike on the United States. Mr. Kim knows that North Korea would cease to exist, and he is not dumb. Let's stop fussing about that as a threat.

We did not get upset with Israel, Pakistan and India for joining the nuclear club, but we get in a dither about North Korea and about Iran's nuclear program.

So, what do we do now? We have no sane options other than to accept North Korea as a member of the nuclear club. My greatest fear has always been that Mr. Kim could give one of his weapons to a terrorist group. We, therefore, should work with China and Russia to safeguard these weapons. This seems ­doable.

John R. Powers, Alexandria