The Sept. 28 editorial “A sheep in Wolf’s clothing” revealed the essence of the choice Northern Virginians have in the 10th Congressional District election. On the key issues that matter to the electorate, Virginia Del. Barbara Comstock (R) holds far-right positions that The Post rightly calls the result of doctrinaire thinking.

Ms. Comstock has been amazingly successful in hiding her record from her constituents. She has accomplished this by controlling her exposure at staged public events and avoiding direct contact with reporters, as when she refused to be interviewed by a television reporter after a recent debate in Loudoun County.

Ms. Comstock is one of the most conservative candidates running for Congress this year. The Web site Crowdpac scores her to the right of Rep. Frank Wolf (R), who is retiring from the House and whom she often evokes to shield herself from critics. Fortunately, in the final weeks of the race, with more media attention, voters will have a chance to learn more about Ms. Comstock’s positions and compare them with those of her opponent, John Foust (D). The “sheep in Wolf’s clothing” will be exposed.

J. Jay Volkert, Vienna