Al Cambronne’s apocalyptic vision of forest ecology [“The humane way to manage Rock Creek’s deer,” Local Opinions, April 5] missed the point of recent protests over the National Park Service’s wrongheaded decision to kill native deer.

The neighbors who sued the park and organized the protests oppose the kill because it is unnecessary, foolish and cruel. Rock Creek Park is an oasis in our nation’s capital that has never before allowed native wildlife to be killed within its boundaries. In fact, last month, the government brought charges against a private hunter for killing and injuring deer in the park. But now the park is using our tax dollars on guns for hire to kill the very same deer.

In an effort to make the park’s bait-and-kill strategy more palatable, Mr. Cambronne argues that arrows and bullets are the only way to save the deer from themselves. But Washington’s deer are not starving; their numbers have been stable for the past 10 years. If the park wants fewer deer, reproductive controls can do the job. That would be the real “humane way” to manage Rock Creek’s deer.

Jessica Almy, Washington

The writer, a lawyer, represents five Rock Creek Park neighbors and a California animal rights group in a lawsuit against the National Park Service.