I appreciated Rep. Mike Rogers’s (R-Mich.) full-throated defense of the national surveillance program that relies on bulk data collection [“Ability to challenge NSA is disputed,” front page, Aug. 11].

Privacy advocates, libertarians such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and much of the media continue to mischaracterize how this surveillance program works, and they dismiss the congressional oversight that the program has had. Most disturbing, though, they downplay international terrorism’s continued threats to public safety. Did the Boston Marathon bombing not happen just four months ago?

Critics of the national surveillance program continue to trade in the future, with conjured scenarios of what might happen to Americans’ loss of privacy. Where, oh where, is a single case of harm done to a citizen, evidence that this so-called hand of big-government intrusion has damaged someone’s privacy?

I support the national surveillance system, and I value its contribution to public safety and national security. I have no concerns whatsoever about the loss of my privacy.

Daniel Keifer, Washington