With his “Flat Earth Society” comments (in reference to those who do not fully buy into the climate-change hype), President Obama has yet again taken the concept of “if you aren’t with us, you are against us” and wielded it against much of the very populace he is supposed to be serving [“Obama unveils climate agenda,” front page, June 26].

Ask 100 scientists if the earth revolves around the sun and they’ll all agree it does. That is science. Ask 100 scientists to quantify the human effect on “climate change” and you’ll get 100 answers. This is not science; this is opinion.

Mr. President, do not label me a flat-earther simply because I believe we should take reasonable and economically sensible steps to limit our impact on the environment rather than succumb to the hysteria and hyperbole of environmental extremists. Remember, had there not been climate change, we’d never have gotten out of the Ice Age.

Tony Stro, Leesburg