According to In the Loop columnist Al Kamen [March 12], the Congressional Black Caucus is not pleased that President Obama has appointed no African Americans to any of the openings in his second-term Cabinet. Well, caucus members are not the only ones who are disappointed.

I have been appalled at the president’s decision not to turn to the best and brightest African Americans, now or in his first term. Attorney General Eric H. Holder remains the only African American to head a Cabinet department. I am so puzzled by this. There are many smart, competent and efficient African American leaders. We Democrats are always putting Republicans down, but even Presidents Bush and Reagan had more black people in their Cabinets than does Mr. Obama.

Does Mr. Obama not have faith in us? No one is asking him to line the Cabinet with African Americans, but give us a fair share. After all, he would not be where he is without us.

Phyllis Blair, Washington