Regarding the June 14 front-page article “Presidential travel, kingly sums”:

I was stunned when I read the cost of the trip President Obama will make to Africa. Tens of millions of dollars is outrageous. I have to ask why his family will also be going on this trip and why we, the American people, have to pick up so much of the the tab for their family vacation. He is supposed to be in these countries doing the business of the United States, not arranging sightseeing tours with his family.

Margaret Day, Gainesville

I read the article about the president’s upcoming trip to Africa and how costs for the three-nation trip could reach $60 million to $100 million. How expensive it is for our presidents to travel. Later that morning, my stepson received a letter saying that his meager unemployment check will be cut from $190 a week to $152 because of the “sequester.” Cruel irony, I call it. White House tours are canceled for schoolchildren, unemployment benefits are cut but tens of millions are spent for a short trip to Africa.

Bon voyage, President Obama.

Vicki Hassouneh, Silver Spring