Regarding Wendy Leibowitz’s suggestion to new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos to mind the wishes of the paper’s readers [“Crafting a better Washington Post,” Free for All, Aug. 17], I certainly hope he does not follow the specific instructions she outlined. Leibowitz seemed rather intolerant of content not to her liking.

I would suggest that the strength and endurance of The Post is not in being sectarian and one-sided — “customized,” if you will — but in presenting a vast array of news, features and political commentary.

If Leibowitz does not wish to see coverage of the Redskins or read Charles Krauthammer’s columns, she should simply move on. Unlike Leibowitz, I would pay to read Krauthammer alone; and I avoid Eugene Robinson’s pieces and Tom Toles’s cartoons as if they were printed in toxic ink.

Robert E. Klein, Gainesville

Amen to the letters from Denis Cotter and Hossein Ildari on the Aug. 17 Free for All page [“Crafting a better Washington Post”]. I’ve long struggled with the problem Cotter described — having to read back through many paragraphs to find out who “Jones” is when a story mentions him again later. As for the puns that Ildari applauded, my husband, who died last year, was eulogized as a “punmeister extraordinaire.” I miss his quick wit, and I miss reading each other the latest groaners from Post headlines. Please keep them coming.

Merry Robert, Silver Spring