I read with interest about Bennie Coleman, the man who lost his home for owing $134 in property tax [“Homes for the taking,” front page, Sept. 8]. Several years ago, I paid my taxes in full, or so I thought. Then I received a letter from a collection agency stating that I owed the city 74 cents. That’s right. A collection agency was called in to collect 74 cents.

Clearly, neither the mayor nor the D.C. Council is paying attention to how D.C. residents are being swindled out of their homes. There should be a law against what is being done. First, it should not be so easy for the money men to run in and grab homes for next to nothing and then turn the screws on people who really just need a little help. Second, people who owe less than a few thousand dollars should not be subject to the bullying that occurs from those who buy tax liens. Third, there should be a program to assist individuals age 75 or older who run into trouble with their taxes. Often, the elderly have outlived friends and family members who could see to their welfare. They are doing the best they can under very trying conditions.

Hopefully, The Post’s articles will awaken the public and force the D.C. Council to come up with legislation to prevent this type of land-grabbing.

Jacquelyn C. Moore, Washington