Molly Roberts, true to her name, didn’t mollycoddle the baby boomer generation in her Nov. 6 Wednesday Opinion column, “OK, boomer. The kids are fighting back.” To be sure, all generations — boomers, Gen Xers (and Zs), millennials (they are the ones who leave the electric scooter in your front yard without missing a beat, aren’t they?) — over time will receive and perhaps deserve poundings and plaudits.

That said, Ms. Roberts’s screed really was a rant about the powerlessness of her generation and the powerfulness, for good or ill, of the boomers. She should not be overly exercised on this; she and her generational brothers and sisters will eventually and inevitably be in charge. Though I’ll be gone by then (hey, I’m of the war baby generation, World War II, that is), it should be interesting to see how she and her compatriots lead the nation. They might reflect Henry Kissinger’s 1969 rumination on the Nixon administration’s approach to the Vietnam War: “We will make our own mistakes in our own way and they will be completely new mistakes.” Or they will perhaps make the same ones the boomers did. After all, as George Santayana famously told us: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

John M. Carland, Arlington