Alexandra Petri’s May 25 op-ed column, “God is in the details - and (almost) everywhere else, too,” reminded me of a prayer by Rod Flanders of TV’s “The Simpsons”: “Thank you for sending Lisa to protect us from the bug you sent.”

I imagine that, during the awkward pause in Wolf Blitzer’s interview with a woman who turned out to be an atheist, she was puzzling why a network news anchor was asking her the logical equivalent of “I guess you got to thank the (deity that just destroyed your town and killed innocent children), right?”

Perhaps that interview caused some of its viewers discomfort as they were left to ponder the difficult theological question of why the Lord chose to spare the atheist but destroyed a school containing innocent children and heroic teachers. 

No worries: That discomfort could be quickly relieved by watching the rest of the interviewees correctly answer the question by thanking God for saving them from the EF-5 tornado He sent.

Eric Snow, Springfield

Regarding Kurt Hochenauer’s May 24 op-ed, “Tornado Alley needs shelter from the storms”:

In Tornado Alley, why not build shelters under school playgrounds, athletic fields and like venues? They would be less expensive than retrofitting existing buildings. These dispersed shelters would alleviate the costs for individuals and could save many lives.

Virginia Montecino, Odenton