I don’t understand the placement and purpose of two articles about potential 2016 presidential candidates on the Jan. 20 front page. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s offense — coverage of which was placed at the top of the page [“Christie’s early ad too tough for Jersey”] — is 20 years old, and he appears to have learned from it. And in the wake of the George Washington Bridge controversy, Christie knows he can’t even trust his own people.

Former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton’s situation [“A battle to define Clinton’s State Dept. legacy heats up”] is less than two years old, and she appears to have learned nothing — except how to write a book that will gloss over a very bad period of recent executive decisions.

If we get 2½ years of Christie-bashing from his 30s while listening to Clinton’s tales of what didn’t happen in Libya, we might as well just give her the White House now. And spare us all of the tips on leadership and decision-making by the State Department.

Jim Crawford, Fairfax