The Obama administration is encouraging employers to add veterans and their spouses to their payrolls [“White House urges U.S. firms to hire veterans, military spouses,” news, May 1]. But what about older workers? Statistically, we experience longer unemployment than any other group (more than 52 weeks). Many of us are skilled and educated. My friend, who is Harvard-educated and a former judge, gets no job offers; my recent Peace Corps experience opens no doors either. I know a half-dozen others like this. We, and thousands of others, remain a statistic of the unemployed middle-aged group.

I salute our military members and am grateful for their service. But if the Obama administration won’t say it, I will: Employers, consider hiring an older employee. Talk to us; you may be surprised. After all, we are energetic, engaged, skilled and focused, and we know how to get things done and have the maturity and diplomacy to get along well with others. 

Leslie Kingsley, Washington