When I opened the June 16 Post and saw the picture on the front of the Metro section, tears came to my eyes — tears of joy over that picture of the two dads and their adopted child [“A web of families”].

In the early 1980s, I wanted to adopt a child, but for a gay man that was a no-no. There was endless red tape, forms to fill out and interviews, all for naught. I was not regarded as a “fit” father figure.

I am so glad times have changed. To think of all the children who have no father in their lives.

The story was touching, but the picture said it all: love. Photographer Mary F. Calvert deserves a Pulitzer.

Raymond Shove, Fairfax

Regarding “A web of families”:

I bristled at Sesa Juliana’s comment, “Gay baby daddies are the best baby daddies,” and it was extremely inappropriate for The Post to include it in a Father’s Day article. It takes much more than being gay to be a good father. I asked my “baby,” now age 18, if I would have been a better father had I been gay; she said I already was “the best daddy.”

Of course, to say that heterosexual fathers make better fathers than gay men would be equally offensive. The Post obviously turned off its sensibility checker to run such a quote. Please, think harder before publishing such remarks.

Paul Girolami, Silver Spring