Justin Moyer wrote [Outlook, Dec. 1] that Dan Snyder should be paid to change the Redskins name. He assumed Mr. Snyder’s refusal to change the name is based on money, rather than principle, but the issue has nothing to do with money.

I have been a Redskins fan for a half-century and have no financial stake in the team’s name. But I will root for no Washington football team with any other name. I know a lot of fans who feel the same.

Mr. Moyer listed the many people Mr. Snyder has ignored in their demands that the team change its name. But Mr. Moyer left out the most important group — the fans — who mostly want to keep the name. Changing a team’s name means denying a team its history. It also infringes on free speech. I am glad Mr. Snyder refuses to heed the politically correct bullies who would force him to do that.

Lawrence Ink, Beltsville

Instead of paying Dan Snyder to stop using the name Redskins, how about we pay The Post to clam up on this whole silly issue?

Willis Bush, Dumfries