President Trump at the White House in Washington on May 30. (Sarah Silbiger/For The Washington Post)

The June 6 news article “Trump on Vietnam: He’d have been ‘honored’ to serve” quoted President Trump as saying, regarding his lack of service, “But I think I make up for it right now . . . because we’re rebuilding our military at a level that it’s never seen before.” This is classic Trump, paying the cost (in this case political) of his behavior on the backs of others, i.e., taxpayers, of which he has not always been one.

Robert Devlin, Washington

President Trump now says he would have been honored to serve in Vietnam but did not. He is not the only privileged young man to avoid service then and come up with a noble excuse later. But he stands alone among draft dodgers by cruelly disparaging those who did serve, particularly prisoners of war. By saying he doesn’t like people who get captured, he insulted all POWs, not just the late senator John McCain (R-Ariz.). 

I know. My brother was a POW who was tortured and imprisoned for 7½ years and tragically survived only four months of freedom. With his words, Mr. Trump has driven a sharp, filthy stick into the open wounds from which families such as mine will suffer for the rest of our lives. 

Robert Brudno, Washington