Regarding the July 30 Metro article “The latest battle of Manassas is over road”:

This battle over the Bi-County Parkway is happening because the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) standard process of insular decision-making is being repeated. Commonwealth Transportation Board member Fran Fisher says VDOT has not always been clear about plans for the road, but that appears to be by design because otherwise the road cannot be justified. Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance chief Bob Chase sets up a false contrast by suggesting that to oppose the road is to do nothing. But parkway opponents have put forth extensive lists of more modest fixes to local roads that supplement other, more effective regional projects such as mass transit on Interstate 66 and upgrades, including mass transit, on Route 28. If VDOT would listen and consider such alternatives, the battle, and the congestion, could be avoided. 

Roger Diedrich, Fairfax

The writer is transportation chair for the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club.