As a combat veteran of World War II, I was moved by the Dec. 28 letter from an Iraq veteran who wrote of being disheartened by the Obama administration’s “hardly concealed rush” from Iraq. The writer has earned the right to question our current course, which appeared to be based on our conclusion that the Iraqis have no legitimate call for our continued presence. We removed them from the threatening bonds of a dictatorship and helped them reach a level of self-government which, whether or not they succeed in maintaining it, they would not likely have achieved on their own.

The writer was certainly correct in calling for us to remain committed to the consequences of our actions, but I submit that the commitment should be to honoring and caring for the American sons and daughters whom we asked to sacrifice their youth and, in so many cases, their bodies and lives there. I would join him in that wholeheartedly, and I salute him for his personal service.

John R. Harney, New Carrollton