Hannah Maldonado, a first-grade teacher at Barnum Elementary, gets a hug from 7-year-old Jayden Gomez, welcoming her back to class, on Thursday in Denver, Colorado. Maldonado and many other teachers are back in the classroom after a marathon negotiation session between Denver Classroom Teachers Association and Denver Public Schools ended the teacher strike. (Rj Sangosti/AP)

Any column discussing the value of classroom teachers and innovative teaching methods is always welcomed. David Von Drehle’s Feb. 13 op-ed, “Rethinking what teachers do,” discussed the need to rethink how teachers need to become life coaches, role models, motivators, etc. The thrust of his column, regarding the importance of developing positive personal qualities among students, was right on. But I wish Mr. Von Drehle understood that teachers and administrators are already doing all of these things every day. Volunteer at your neighborhood school for a day, and you’ll see it up close and personal.

It’s more important for school systems to provide leadership and resources to fund and provide time for such structured programs in the school. Also, just say “thanks for your service” to our teachers. No profession in our country is as underappreciated and misunderstood.

Don Sodo, Dumfries