Regarding the Nov. 24 Metro article “Math plus music: A winning formula”:

I was a math teacher for more than 30 years, and I know how hard it is get students to thrive in high school math. I applaud Montgomery Blair High School teacher Jake Scott for his accomplishments. But I cannot say the same thing about the article, which discusses“the mind-bending labor of math.”

Mind-bending labor? Would The Post say the same about any other discipline? Too many people (parents, older siblings, some teachers, journalists, writers to name a few) convey their own prejudices, fears and dislike for math and transmit these to students. When looking to compare something to a difficult task, they always seem to point in the direction of math. Scott, it seems, is able to overcome this societal distaste for math and convey his enthusiasm about the subject to his students.

Mike Bergen, Rockville