If Christina Ianzito [“Ouch!,” Health and Science, June 18] is right, Drs. Michael Liebow, Erika Schwartz, Franklin Polun and their colleagues will have thriving podiatric practices for years to come because there will always be women who distort and damage their bodies in the name of beauty. The real question is why otherwise intelligent women, even executives who compete successfully with men in a corporate setting, buy into a concept of beauty based on male fantasy, abetted by a fashion industry aimed at women who have more money than sense.

Next season the University of Maryland Theatre Department will present Lisa Loomer’s fine play “The Waiting Room,” in which three women from different centuries seek medical help because of similar perversions. One is an 18th-century Chinese woman with bound feet, another is a 19th-century Englishwoman with ribs and lungs crushed by tight corsets and the third is a 20th-century American with cosmetic breast implants. 

Well, maybe in the past there were reasons, but I hoped our time was different. Plus ça change.

Ramona Matthews, Silver Spring