Regarding the July 17 editorial “Impenetrable Pakistan”:

Pakistan enthusiastically welcomed NATO’s use of Pakistani supply routes for almost a decade and halted access only to protest the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers by NATO troops in an unprovoked attack at Salala in November. As soon as the United States apologized, trucks began to move once more.

Allegations of “political dysfunction” overlook the fact that Pakistan has rebounded from decades of U.S.-backed dictatorship with a robust democratic process, including the first civilian parliament to finish a five-year term, a thriving civil society and an independent judiciary. Pakistan will hold free and transparent elections within this year.

Our nation has paid the highest price for our stance against extremism. Since Sept. 11, 2001, Pakistan has lost at least 6,344 security personnel and 37,674 civilians. Billions of dollars have been diverted away from development to bolster security.

The Post called us “belligerent.” A better characterization would be “resolute.” We are resolute in our struggle to preserve our young democracy. Toward that end, we welcome the friendship of all democratic governments, especially the United States.

Nadeem Hotiana, Washington

The writer is press attache for Pakistan’s embassy in the United States.