While reading the Jan. 6 WP Magazine article “The parent trap,” I found myself nodding in recognition of the issues brought up and mentally patting myself and my husband on the back for, after our third child was born, deciding to tighten our belts and live on his salary so I could be an at-home parent. As I read of the stressful daily routines and the constant juggling of the families profiled, I understood exactly what they were going though, and I was grateful I was no longer among their stressed-out ranks.

Then I read the sentence: “But reinventing the wheel is necessary for families that need two incomes or have partners that want to be equal.” “Equal?” Never once have I thought of myself as not being equal to my husband simply because he works in an office for money and I work at home for free. As parents, we are a team working toward a common goal, and team members are nothing if not equals. I think I speak for my stay-at-home parent friends (both moms and dads, incidentally) when I say that the real “parent trap” may be the media perpetuating the myth of inequality.

Adrienne Benson Scherger, Washington