In his Sept. 30 letter, John Kosko stated that “wealth is actually being redistributed downward from the producers to the non-producers.” According to this view, only investors and business creators at the top are “producers.” This thinking fails to recognize that coal miners, not just coal mine owners, produce coal; that carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers and all workers in the construction trades, not just developers, build our homes, offices and factories; and that long-haul truckers, not just trucking company owners, are responsible for the transportation of our goods.

Yes, it takes two to tango, and investors must invest for these things to happen. But they can invest until the cows come home (which will never happen without our farmers, by the way), and there will be no capital to gain unless they join forces with the non-producing little guys. There should be greater income parity between these partners in the process, not the disparity that now exists.

Martin S. Protas, Potomac