The sign outside Pepco headquarters in Washington. (John Kelly/The Washington Post)

Regarding the Nov. 28 Metro article “Council gives preliminary approval to clean-energy legislation”:

The D.C. Council has given initial approval to the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018. This bill would transition the District to 100 percent clean electricity by 2032 and in all likelihood will be enacted by the end of the year. I appreciated the discussion of the last-minute changes to the bill requested by Pepco. These amendments would severely undermine the efficiency portions of this bill, potentially leaving D.C. residents on the hook to compensate Pepco for losses associated with lower electricity usage. Clearly, these last-minute amendments deserve additional scrutiny ahead of the D.C. Council’s final vote on the bill scheduled for Dec. 18.

Justin McCarthy, Washington

The writer represented the DC Climate Coalition and the DC Statehood Green Party (a member of the coalition) in creating the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018.