Upon reading everything about Pete Seeger that has appeared in The Post since his death, I thought my story might deserve mentioning:

On New Year’s Eve in 1957, Mr. Seeger invited me to sing the Korean folk song “A-ri-rang” with him at Sarah Lawrence College. I was the South Korean delegate to the New York Herald Tribune youth forum. He sang in English and I in Korean. It was such a mind-boggling experience for me to know that an American singer could sing it so beautifully.

Later on, I heard Mr. Seeger at Sanders Theatre at Harvard University, where I was doing graduate work. Ever since, I have followed his career and his concerts. Recently my husband and I went to his concert near our house at the State Theatre in Falls Church; he had lost some of his voice, which made me sad.

I will remember him as one of the greatest heroes of my life.

Sangmie Choi Schellstede, Falls Church

Pete Seeger was an inspiration not only to budding musicians but also to generations of Americans. When many remained silent, his music brought us together — young and old, black and white, rich and poor — helping us to find our voices as a nation and to overcome our racial demons. The passion with which he delivered his message resonated deep in our hearts and called forth our better natures. He infused us with hope for a more perfect world. His songs of justice, equality, liberty and peace were a lasting tribute to his land, your land and my land. Thank you, Pete. We will miss you.

John Glaser, Alexandria