Roberto Loiederman’s account of being pickpocketed in Paris was right on the money (so to speak) [“Oh, the joy of being broke in Paris,” Travel, Dec. 16]. My wife and I have traveled all over the world, but the only place we have been robbed was Paris — twice.

The first time was in the airport shuttle to the metro, where my wife noticed her wallet was on the floor behind her. A teenage girl had slipped it from my wife’s purse, taken out the euros and left it there.

A few years later, we spent a few days in Paris, then boarded the same transit system to catch an overnight train to Italy. The metro car was crowded, and we had to stand. A couple of guys were sitting on the floor behind me, and some in front were bumping into me — clearly, in hindsight, to distract me. They all got off at the next stop, and I found that my wallet was gone. We canceled both my credit cards, but since my wife carried only the same two cards, we had to get money wired to us.

Now when I travel, I carry a fake wallet in my back pocket and hide the real one. My wife carries one credit card, and I carry the other. And we carry information separately on how to cancel them.

Bill Schneider, Annapolis